Postcards from New York City

About 15 years ago, taking pictures was something that required prior planning. You had to go out and buy rolls of film that were limited and could only be used to take about 30 photos. These then had to be developed and you got to see them only after a week. That meant that you couldn’t screw it up and every photo was painstakingly designed to capture and commemorate the moment. When I was about 8, a Kodak Digital camera found it’s way into our family and suddenly everything was so different. We could click hundreds of photos and go home just that day and transfer them to our computer to see. My parents probably saw this as a way to distract me from getting into mischief when we used to go on family trips but for about 5 years that digital camera was my plaything. There were countless evenings spent at Lalbagh trying to capture photos of everything from monkeys climbing trees to bees sucking nectar from flowers. I’m not sure exactly why I was interested in it and I’m also not really sure what made me eventually grow out of this hobby. I guess when it got serious I knew that I was never going to be patient enough to keep it going. College was a blur of pictures and there was always that one guy who was a wizard with his DSLR who managed to capture all the highlights.

I’m not a photographer, I never was and I probably never will be. But I recently moved out of the country to New York for Grad School. The thing about college is, that you grow up so much in those 4 years with the people around you that you want to keep them close for every step of the journey going forward. Yes it might be childish to think so but it is really important for me. So to take my friends with me on the journey, I created this carousel of Postcards from New York.

When you get up in the morning and think back, you often just have flashes of the dream from the night before. But that’s enough for you to piece together the rest of the story and start your day off with a smile. These here are my snapshots from the City of Dreams, the story that I’m probably never going to be able to tell fully, but one I want the people important to me to not miss out on.

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