One of Our Boys

I became an Arsenal fan around ten years ago and today is the first day of which Jack Wilshere is no longer at the club.

I belong to the generation of Arsenal fans for whom trophies were hard to come by for the starting few years. There was always the looming debt which meant that we couldn’t compete with the richer clubs of England. But the things that we were most proud of was the beautiful football that we played and the amazing youth development at the club. And Jack was the embodiment of both of these. Seeing someone so talented emerge and slowly grow into one of the most promising players on the planet was a joy to behold. Our boy Jack was right up there he could hang with the best – Xavi and Iniesta can certify that. And even more than his undeniable talent what endeared him to the fans was the fierce passion and love he had for the club. You could see it every time out there on the pitch. Every goal mattered that bit more and each defeat stung him so much. He left it all out there on the pitch whenever he was on. He was one of us among the fans who played for the badge and lived for it. Growing up so far away from London I can unashamedly admit that I was living my Arsenal dream through Jack.

And then the injuries came. I can’t even begin to fathom how hard it would have been to go from being touted as one of the best in the world to missing a whole year. The haters who slate a player for getting injured need to take a cold hard look at themselves in the mirror. But Jack showed that he had the strength to get back on the pitch and he was the same as ever. The heart, grit and determination were all there. Some amazing moments and goals that will remain in the heart forever. He had that special emotional connection to the fans and the club. That’s something you aren’t just handed easily.

Which brings us to today. It’s sad that now we’ll never get to see Arsenal walk onto the Emirates pitch with Jack having the armband on, how I always figured it would go. I don’t know if there’s been something behind the scenes at the club but I know full well that all the fans would’ve wanted him to stay. But we also now that he’s too good a footballer not to be on the pitch.

Let’s hope he gets all the success that his talent and heart deserve. Whichever club he does sign for, you lot better shower this man love and respect. But trust me, he doesn’t need me to say this, there’s no doubt that he will undoubtedly earn it when he steps on that pitch. Here’s hoping that if he stays in the Premier League he scores some screamers against them lot down the road.

But at the end of the day more than anyone else he will always be an Arsenal lad. And who knows maybe ten years down the line Archie and Jack Wilshere can line up side by side at the Emirates once again.

For today though let the terraces stand up and let it chorus across the stadium;

Super… Super Jack!

Super… Super Jack!

Super… Super Jack! Super Jackie Wilshere!!



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