Did It Matter?

Coaching was hell and after we’d left entrance exams behind

College would be different said my immature little mind

The world is beautiful through the eyes of a fresher

Filled with wonder,  excitement and enthusiasm beyond measure

Hostel and independence meant making new friends

Any fear of leaving home? Well that depends…

Always attending classes and even Mess was “fine”

I honestly can’t believe how I got by during that time


Now at crossroads a question presents

Did it matter in the end?


The sophomore arrived with a plan in his head

A grizzled veteran now, he thought, “Let’s think ahead”

Clubs and tech projects were plenty abound

And the classic, “It’s my department, I’ll do well this time around”

Seeing the old faces now filled with mischief anew

Behold there were juniors with whom you’d have stories a few.

Struggled for an internship, looking near and far

You couldn’t fall behind, you had to stay on par


Looking back now though

Did it matter in the end?


The last two years zoomed by in the blink of an eye

Roamed the beaches and scaled the mountains high

Courses mattered but now you searched more for your road

It sometimes kept you up at night, a really heavy load

We moved from having seniors to being them too soon

Supposedly ready to burst into the real world, out of our cocoons

So back to the question at hand

Did it matter in the end?


Yes. You’d bet your house it did.

I’ve come so far from that first year kid.

And every smile and every fall along the way

I’d relive it all, every single day.

The friends now family, NC and Red Rock now our home

Every last pro show, event, proxy and CBO

Everything has led up to me being the way I am today

And I’ll be damned if I didn’t do it the NITK Way.




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