Goodbye My Friend

I’m a final year now and slowly but surely little slivers of nostalgia is starting to seep in. The feeling of having to say goodbye to so many people can make one feel numb instantly inside. I recently got a taste of what it would feel like. I lost a friend.

We both go way back, 7 years to be exact. A mutual friend connected the both of us, the school cricket team captain. That common love for the game was what brought us together first and, right from the get go, we got along like a house on fire. You were always back at my place after school, just hanging about on those countless carefree evenings. You were there through all the tough moments. Back when we were all studying for our entrance examinations and I didn’t know where I would end up, it was comforting to know that you would be there for me regardless.

And lo and behold we did end up in the same college as well. The transition of being away from home was made much simpler having the familiarity from three years of high school. My mom had started disapproving of you by now, I’m not sure why or exactly when that happened, but soon it was not just her, my other friends began to follow suit. “We never see one without the other” and “You need to let go dude.” It never made much sense to me. You and me, we’d been through so much. There was no way I could let you go.

But lately, the stitches had started to come off. Seeing you in all the social media posts I was tagged in started to get tiresome. What my mom said all those years back seemed to make more sense, “It’ll not last long, not more than a year.” I guess it was over exposure. Nothing else. The little things began to get irritating. Tiny stains and time had taken it’s toll on the tapestry.  It was the right time to say goodbye.

Who knows, we might come across each other again sometime in the future. We’ll have a seat in a cafe somewhere far off and reminisce about the old times.

Goodbye My Friend.

My first, and favorite, jersey


P.S. Read it back now that you know how it ends  😛



  1. Loved this one! Been long since I read your blog. I remember the poem you had asked me to read about a year ago. You’ve come a long way! Keep it up 😀


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