5 Things about Exams Week

I’ve been at college for five and a half semesters now, long enough to know that whatever shit you do during the semester, twice every sem a hush descends upon the entire college. Books get undusted, Camscanner gets abused, copious amounts of coffee is consumed and the internet bandwidth is entirely taken up with people browsing random things in the name of “taking a break.” Oh and some studying does happen too 😛

Exams are the constant of any student’s life and after a while you set up a routine and just go through the motions.


  1. A weird form of Deja Vu: You ever get the familiar feeling the pit of your stomach before an exam? Yeah. Me too. It comes in different forms as well. Either the nervousness of knowing you should do well in the upcoming exam, so there’s an added pressure on you. Or the feeling of dread when you know that the next one is going to be bad – you’re just sitting on the guillotine waiting for the blade to drop. The former happens in those subjects that you like, the ones that are actually interesting and you want to score well while the latter is felt for those subjects where either you have no idea what’s going on or those where the teacher is a walking embodiment of Satan himself. And each one feels differently about every subject. Your strong suit might be the bane of your friend. But my point is, it’s all familiar. You’ve been here before, you’ve experienced all this already. And you will again. Not just this, the routine you get into, the way the middle few exams just race past you, the struggle to study for the last exam. You’ve done this before.
  2. Jamais Vu/Presque Vu: The lesser known brothers of Deja Vu, we experience both these phenomena quite often actually. Jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before. Presque vu is when you can almost, but not quite, remember something. It is also referred to as tip of the tongue. Ever looked at the question and go like “Yeah, this I know. Studied it yesterday.” Pick up your pen and put it to paper and all of a sudden you have absolutely no clue what to write. There are no words. But you know for a fact that this is something you should be able to answer. Hell you are sure you can pinpoint where it is in the textbook, the exact paragraph but right now…. blank. Another common occurrence is when you’re studying one of those annoying mug subjects. You’re looking at the PPT and you’ve been on the same slide for 15 minutes now but the words have lost all meaning. There’s just 4 bullet points, each 2 phrases long. But you can just not get past it.
  3. The Scrounger:

    Andy Dufresne: I understand you’re a man who knows how to get things.          Red: I’m known to locate certain things from time to time.

    Shawshank taught everyone how useful a scrounger is in any situation. The dictionary definition of a scrounger is “A cleverly resourceful person who finds and procures items for a specific purpose.” You see where I’m going with this right? That one person in each class who knows where to study what from for each and every exam. They’ll know which subsection from which resource and how to get there. The night before they are like the Night Nurse who are besieged with requests from literally everyone in class. They make the class tick. If they took an off day then everyone is clueless. My own class has a Really Awesome girl who Knows the Subject portions perfectly and is always ready to Help In Times of exam Anxiety. ( 😉 )


  4. A Sudden Spark: It’s the last day before an exam. You’re going through chapter after chapter and suddenly, inexplicably, you find yourself interested. It doesn’t happen for all subjects, it’s pretty selective actually but when it happens it’s always an odd feeling to have. Between suddenly appreciating the little things from class and regret for neglecting it earlier and wanting to do well the next day, it’s all kinds of confusing. It’s good for performance though 😛 Always easy to study something that you find interesting.
  5. The Other Thoughts: Don’t you absolutely hate it when you’re studying and your brain suddenly decides to go AWOL and start thinking about everything from classic songs, movie dialogues and plots and why the mess food is so bad. Cut it out brain!! There’s only 3 hours left for the exam!! Oh hey, that sounds like something Monica would say. Shit Monica was so good in season 5. I wonder why Las Vegas got cancelled in season 5……. You get the idea 😛

And yes studying does happen but somehow that just goes off in a blur. You walk in for the first exam and before you know it, you’re almost done. Faster than you can stop to catch a breath. That’s why I declined to mention it here. Anyway, exam week is done again. But I know it won’t be long till it rears it’s ugly face again. Like I said it’s probably like the one constant in student life. So here’s a funny polar bear comic to give you a laugh in the meantime.

Cheers 😀


P.S. I’m like 100% sure I’ll come back here to read this during my finals #distractions 😛


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