Incompleteness Sickness

I was talking to a friend lately and this came up. I tried to look it up online but when I search about a feeling of incompleteness I only get long ramblings about people “trying to find meaning” in their lives and other such rubbish. I spent almost half an hour reading drivel about all meditation websites and forums where people deal with existential crises and midlife crises and the like. Those are very serious issues but unfortunately that’s not at all along the lines that I was thinking.

In fact mine is kind of the opposite. And it’s something I feel many young adults often face.

You ever get the feeling that you have too many things to do and too less time? I mean whoever decided that a day should have just 24 hours!! We need more 😀

From mundane things like arranging a shelf (Apologies to the OCD community for whom this is probably the top priority) to cooler things like project ideas that you wanted to pursue but just can’t seem to find the time. They just end up getting shelved until a later date when they are a much higher priority akin to aging in process scheduling of an OS.

I guess lethargy has a key role to play here as you both end up doing nothing all the while dreaming up more things you could be doing. Plus college students pretty much set the bar for laziness right 😛

And we end up doing what we think is the next best thing. All that creativity and ideas go into a black hole from which they almost never escape – the to-do list. Literally everyone has one of these lying around which almost always gets forgotten. I know someone who ended up making so many of these that he now owns a list of lists. 🙂

“Instead of just sitting and dreaming why not actually do something!”, I can almost here my mom (and that friend who always has a “friendly” piece of (unsolicited :P) advice) say.

Well it’s not that simple. On account of years of feeling like there’s no time, my mind is telling me to prioritize again and do “what I want most.” This is another labyrinth to negotiate now. I don’t know about you guys but I find that it’s really hard to do this. I saw a comic online a while back that illustrates the matter perfectly I think:


It’s like there’s so much to do and I can’t seem to put one thing over another. Come on, it’s not fair! How can you give special attention to one thing when so many await 😥

There’s that annoying buzz again inside my head telling me that this is taking too long and to get on with it…

Seems like a Catch 22

It’s funny don’t you think? How people …..





P.S Incomplete article about Incompleteness geddit 😛



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