A Story Retold

Let me get this out of the way : I think the Harry Potter series was pretty perfect the way it was and it had a MASSIVE impact on me growing up. JKR is an absolute genius and every kid should read the books if they can.

And because of this the characters tend to stick with you and, during the course of a conversation with a friend, I recently had an idea for a piece of fanfiction about the same.

Note: I obviously don’t own any of the Harry Potter characters, this is just an alternate version. And if you don’t know what Harry Potter or dislike it or dislike fanfiction on principle that’s all cool, why not have a look to some of my other stuff instead 😛

My main aim here is to make Ron more of a main character as opposed to his lovable loser/ eternal sidekick schtick. But that of course comes at a cost. Also the pairings get a LOT messed up along the way so Potterheads please don’t burn me at the stake. (I’d just perform the Flame-Freezing Charm and pretend to shriek anyway XD )

So let’s assume Barry Allen ran so fast that the timeline got all messed up (or perhaps some Time Turner induced shenanigans).

You know when Harry and Hermione are ditched by Ron in what is literally the worst non- death moment in the series. So I thought he could have a story arc of his own from that point. Which means he never gets back together with them. I thought it was kind of a cheat code that he could anyway! I mean, yeah there’s magic so you can literally write whatever but the whole light ball-apparition thing was a no-go from me. I’m sure we can find a better use for the deluminator anyway.

This obviously leaves some massive holes at other parts of the story. And this is also the part where I start to alter the pairings. Anyway, instead of Ron pulling out Harry from the icy lake, we now get a bad-ass gender stereotype breaking Hermione rescue. Safe to say that any guilt she has about breaking his wand is pretty much assuaged. And with the outpouring of emotion of destroying a horcrux (Hermione 😛 not Ron), we can start off the pairing of Harry and Hermione. I dunno, but I think it would kind of work right? They both found out about the magic world at the same time after leading muggle lives. So they both understand and appreciate how much magic can do for them. And they were there for each other through all the fights like in Goblet of Fire and Prisoner of Azkaban. They both are willing to sacrifice it all to keep their loved ones safe. And most of all, the fact that she stayed when Ron left. If that random dance scene in the movie is anything to go by, this would have worked. And if you don’t agree then boo-hoo it’s my story 😛

The book gives two sides to the story, the trio’s struggles and the Death Eaters. We never really hear much about the revolution. Except now we do 😀

Racked with guilt and knowing he can’t go back to help Harry, Ron becomes the leader of the Revolution. He doesn’t go back to Hogwarts but becomes an active and leading member of the Order of the Phoenix. Ron’s hidden leadership abilities come to the fore as we hear more about the magical world and how it tries to deal with Voldemort’s silent coup. We hear about how Remus, Tonks, the Weasleys and the rest of the Order are fighting every day of their lives. Recon missions, encounters with Snatchers, Death Eater battles, the establishment of Potterwatch – we hear it all, first hand from the man at the centre of it all, Ron. With proof that Harry is still out there fighting for them all, the revolution toils away without respite.

Meanwhile, clearly shaken after the events at Godric’s Hollow,  Hermione and Harry subconsciously stop saying Voldemort and avoid the Taboo altogether. The dreams of Voldemort being abroad come back to Harry and they decide to chance a visit Xeno Lovegood to find out about the cryptic symbol. Xeno introduces them to the Hallows while at the same time alerting the Death Eaters as well. Harry and Hermione are also shocked and warmed to know that Ron has not indeed given up on them and continues to fight from within. With Voldemort away and a possible Potter sighting, Bellatrix leads the Death Eaters out to Ottery St Catchpole. Cue Dobby. In the firefight that follows, Harry goads Bellatrix about how Voldemort would never truly trust her and she lets slip the vital piece of Gringotts information. We also have the paramount disarming of Draco by Harry here. Dobby’s sacrifice and Hermione’s presence of mind gets them away again, but at what cost. Dobby’s death enables Harry to finally shut out Voldemort.

Xeno flees as well, to the only place he can, the Order. They now know that they have to strike at Malfoy Manor now if Luna is to have any chance of surviving. The Order knows they can never storm the Manor so it’s Dung Fletcher who suggests another bit of skullduggery.  A small team infiltrates by allowing themselves to get caught by Snatchers. And with the Manor in a sense of disarray, they manage to get Luna and Ollivander out and escape. (The details here can be filled in. I thought a team of Ron, Remus, Tonks and a reformed Winky perhaps to apparate them out? Spare wands and guerilla tactics, I’m sure it’s possible)

With all the excitement, Voldemort is not told of the Gringotts slip. 😀

Luna joins the Revolution and helps Ron organize the fronts. They get in touch with Aberforth and Neville and continue to wage war both outside and within Hogwarts. It is a much more organized revolt this time, akin to OOTP.

Luna and Ron get close and with her quirky understanding of people, she helps Ron manage his guilt and we end up with one more pairing I could face a firing squad for. 😛

Ron’s story arc is beautiful, the evolution from the childish sidekick making fun of “Loony” Lovegood to the mature leader who realizes that there’s more to everyone than meets the eye.

Harry and Hermione then have another period of watching and waiting. This time, the bank, a considerably more dangerous target. It is well known that Voldemort slaughtered Goblins so they get one to flip to their side and manage to get in. The story here progresses as in the books with Voldemort finally knowing that Harry is hunting horcruxes.

At the time of the Battle, Aberforth sounds the alarm and it’s much more believable that the Revolution mobilizes and fortifies Hogwarts. Instead of Hermione and Ron getting together, we get an emotional return of the trio. They find the diadem and Ron destroys it with the basilisk fangs.

The rest of the story is perfect as is, the Snape reveal, Fred ( 😦 ) the Hallows, King’s Cross, it all fits neatly in place.

Another loose end is with Ginny. I thought that, on Harry’s birthday, instead of the kiss which went on to achieve pretty much nothing Harry and Ginny get in a fight and break up for good. Ron walking in on them could add another layer to his feelings towards Harry. For all you know it was just a spark that led to him breaking away on his own. Who knows where that came from anyway 😛

There you go, an alternate timeline of events for HP and the Deathly Hallows.


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