One Year On…

It’s been a year since Paddyspen has been online and to be honest even I’m surprised by how much content I have here. 52 weeks have come and gone since and I’ve tried getting as much different stuff as possible, from travelogues to sports to random spirals of thoughts and so on. On the first birthday of this little project I was thinking I would have a go at writing a poem: (And before I forget, massive thanks to my friend Sri for the logo 😀 )


So 2016 is almost done and dusted

Blown right past us in a blur

I think it’s pretty safe to say

It’s been like a crazy roller coaster

No doubt, there’ve been many downs

Boris Johnson turned out to be a moron

And about the disgusting incidents at Flint

The less said the better, let’s move on

Election campaigns filled with venom and hate

Trump vs Hillary left many pining for Bernie

Ryan Lochte, an unnecessary embarrassment

Harambe and the Zika, mismanaged horribly


Prince, Bowie, Cohen, Balamuralikrishna

All legends in their own right

Alan Rickman, remembered Always

Parkinson’s proved to be Ali’s last fight

A sharp increase in malevolence and hate

Towards groups of many a race

Istanbul, Brussels, Baghdad, Orlando

And suddenly we live in a world full of malaise

But if this shitty year has taught us anything

It’s to keep faith in humanity

Despite every cowardly terror strike

We came through with a fierce tenacity


India smashed a world record

Planting 50 million trees in a day

And after all of them Ice Bucket Challenges

To isolate the ALS Gene, they found a way

Pokemon GO took off like a rocket

And brought many a smile

Lure Modules at Hospitals

To cheer up sick children, t’went many a mile

For the first time in over a century

Tiger population’s on the rise!!

Demonetisation, the word on all our lips

Black money didn’t count on Modi’s watchful eyes

Musk and SpaceX, continue to defy.

And ever the cheeky matchmaker

All of NASA’s plans bore fruit

After 5 years of hard work, Juno met Jupiter

Carlos Brathwaite, a name unheard

4 sixes later, India and England in shock

An Olympic Gold and Wimbledon

Andy Murray finally walked the walk

After years and years of struggle

The Cubs finally had a season to remember

They were a shoe in for shock of the year

Oh wait, nobody told that to Leicester

Portugal gifted Ronaldo

The best gift of them all

Capping a good year for the braggarts

With Lebron, Bolt, Mcregor, all standing tall

2016 gave us a tonne of lemons

And yet we somehow made some lemonade

So 2017, why don’t you just bring it on

Trust me, together, we are not afraid

Season’s Greetings 🙂 



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