Miles and Smiles Away Ed. 4

The younger generation are “addicted” to their cell phones. I don’t think this is true. At least in the Indian context, more often than not, what we use our cell phones to do is to provide daily, no hourly, updates to over-anxious Gen X adults who decide to bury their midlife crises in outdated Blackberrys and overpriced iPhones. But that’s a story for another day.

I recently went to Goa with my friends from college. But the thing is there are like a million different travelogues already covering this, so I wanted to do something different. My entire experiences via text message to mom ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 1:

1:02 am
Just left Surathkal. 14 of us in total. Train is late by two hours, kinda crowded but we all got seats at least. Should reach Thivim by early morning hopefully. Booked to stay at Fatima Guest House near Baga Beach.

7:54 am
At Thivim. Actually managed to get some sleep in the end :p The tempo we’d hired for next three days just picked us up. Heading to that guest house now, I’ll text you after we check in and freshen up.

10:26 am
Turns out Fatima Guest House was rubbish so we took our deposit and left. Some nonsense service. He didn’t have rooms ready and said one is across the street and all. Instead staying at Hotel Daffodil, one friend recommended it to us. Now leaving for brunch ๐Ÿ˜€

11:48 am
Hogged at this hilltop hotel called Thalassa. The food was too yummy, I had 3 dishes, the highlight of which is a Pastitsio. Try and have it if you can, it’s TOO GOOD!! Oh and it’s damn funny, it’s supposed to be a Greek theme but the food is all cuisines so they just decided to paint everything white and go with it. But the views are absolutely spectacular.
Next is Chapora, the Dil Chatha Hai place, on top of a nearby hill.

4:17 pm
Just leaving here now. The main attraction is that Chapora River meets the sea on the side of the fort itself, so you can see the point where the water current merges and all which is super cool. ย And you can trek down to a single point where there’s water on all sides but the way you came which is pretty awesome. But history-wise it’s a pretty shit fort :p Like it’s been siezed and all often enough but it’s picturesque so it’s got that going for it ๐Ÿ˜€ Heading downhill to Vagator beach.


6:42 pm
Nothing much here. Just chilled a bit near the water. Couple of guys went para sailing. But they said it wasn’t great so we chucked it, saw sunset and left. Back in room for a short nap till around 8.

8:01 pm
Heading over to Baga beach and Tito’s Lane for dinner.

11:49 pm
Tito’s is this place where there are a tonne of shops and clubs. Personally I wasn’t that interested but it was totally worrth it. Because guess what!! We met John Johnson ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s vice captain of BFC and just the day before he played as BFC became the first Indian side ever to reach an Asian Cup Final. This just made my day ๐Ÿ™‚ After that we went and had dinner on the beachside at Baga. You actually have desks and chairs to sit on the sand itself and if you get bored you can go touch the water and come back. And there’s music playing and the atmosphere is crazy. Back to room soon though, it’s been a long day

11:51 pm
Actually scratch that, made my trip :p

Day 2:

7:01 am
Just getting up, heading out soon. Back to Baga for breakfast. This place called Brittos.

9:05 am
Wow! You should have seen the cheesecakes there ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So smooth and rich and yet soft and not filling!! Literally the best thing I’ve ever had. ย Anyway on towards churches day.


1:15 pm
We went to both Se Cathedral which is the largest church in South Asia I think and it has these huge gold panels of Mother Mary which reminded me of that Buddhist place in Kushalnagar if you remember.ย Just opposite that is the Bom Jesus Basilica and since we were there last the body is now in a giant gold casket that’s on a 6ft tall stand kinda thing with a separate viewing gallery and all. I don’t know how it was the last time. Onwards to Mum’s Kitchen for Lunch :p


(Background information: I had visited Goa with my family around 10 years ago and visiting this church was one of the few things I remember)

2:26 pm
The food was really good but they give so less quantity per serving. Kinda ironic right ma? :p Now goingย to this slightly secluded beach, called minamar, to swim. Oh one thing. There are these really cool Boat Casinos we saw where you pay some amount to get in and then gamble till it comes back to the shore. IDK when exactly we saw it but it was pretty unique I felt.

6:44 pm
We swam for a good one-two hours in Minamar and chill, we’d carried a change of clothes and all. Back to room for a proper bath. For dinner, we’ll go to Calangute beach only, it’s nearby.

11:11 pm
Had food at this super place called Prince of the Tides which I loved but Non Veggies didn’t like I think. It was the perfect atmosphere for me ๐Ÿ˜€ Like secluded and away from massive crowds and all. So we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. And it was damn funny, he had like two classic songs which he had that he was playing on loop. At the start we all went MENTAL when they came but after 2 cycles it started to get pretty annoying. Should go back to room now

Day 3:

9:55 am
Just checked out of Daffodil, going to Nick’s place for breakfast and then to Aguada fort. But it’s all far away so it might end up being more like a brunch.

2:11 pm
Finished Aguada fort. It’s a two layered fort where the top and bottom are isolated from the other. The top is where the officers and all lived and bottom was prisons and stores I guess. So there are these skylights in the top from where light and supplies would be sent down to the people below. You have to come from outside to reach the top part. The rationale is that if the bottom is taken the top still remains safe. Kinda cool no? Anyway then we went down to the bottom part through the road but unfortunately it was closed for renovations :/ We just found this isolated rockface nearby where we’ll chill for a bit


6:55 pm
Reached Anjuna Beach where we first ate at this place called Guru’s. Then wandered around a bit seeing the markets and all nearby.

8:10 pm
We had initially planned to go off to station but train is late by 2 hours so we came back to Baga again and ate cheesecake at Brittos again. My god it’s even better a second time!! We actually saw part of the Arsenal Match screened on the beach which was again cool ๐Ÿ˜€

10:50 pm
Back at Thivim station, train should arrive soon. Netravati again. Should reach Surathkal by early morning. What a Whirlwind of a time ๐Ÿ˜€


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