My Story – An Arbitrary Symbolism

Time flies whether you’re having fun or not. The choice is yours.

Inci 2016, Day 3:

“It’s the second best fest in South India,” we’d been told. But as sophomores we’d already had our first taste of Inci and this time round we were fully prepared to chill and party our way through the long weekend. Get up late, lounge around in the afternoon (or go to Mangalore), check out events in the evening and party hard at night. Next day, rinse and repeat. We knew the drill. But one event stuck out. It was past midnight on Western Musical Night and my friends and I were hanging out near SAC enjoying the music. Filled up on caffeine from the Coca Cola kiosk, we were a bit restless and the performance had begun to drag. Add to that we’d just spent two hours in Mangalore watching Gods of Egypt, which was a god-awful waste of time. And it had just been just announced that the Benny Dayal concert had been cancelled, instead we would get to see the Rahman Sisters. Groans all around. The day badly needed a pick-me-up. And then inspiration struck, someone suggested that the court would be empty and that we could have a game of basketball. Following Slam Dunk the floodlights were still on but the court was pretty deserted. Give a bunch of sports fans a floodlit arena and you know they’ll have a ball. It was perfect!! We had the whole place to ourselves and it was one of those surreal experiences where you feel completely immersed in the moment, detached from the hustle and bustle of college and away from all your troubles. Nothing but pure unadulterated fun. During the game at one point, I took a shot from really far out, almost the halfway line. (I should probably point out that I’m absolutely rubbish at basketball) But somehow this one went really close, bounced on the rim and just went out. And all my friends went MAD because the rookie had gone that close!! When I think back about it, it has some special symbolism. I’m a quintessential JEE Indian kid – parental pressure, unrealistic targets – the whole package. In that one moment, it was properly summed up. We might try for things beyond our reach and there might be little or no chance of achieving your goal but that’s not a reason to not try. And even if you feel flat on your face, your friends and family will be there to cheer you on. This is the true indomitable spirit of incident and NITK in general. You have the platform to try new things. Go ahead and give it a go. You’ll have some fun along the way 🙂


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