Shenanigans of Years Past

So I turn 20 soon, and my afternoon classes got cancelled today, and it was recently pointed out to me that I don’t yet have anything on here this September so I decided to let the words come out and see where it gets us.

That is a pretty random train of thought. And from that emerges my topic for this article. I thought I would look back at the last decade and pick out one very random event from each year gone by and have a look at it.

6th Grade : That super competitive game of Bingo

My school had this program called Newspaper in Education where once a week, they would find someone from a newspaper office to essentially entertain us for a period. This was supposed to be an educational exercise but often enough it would descend to an ordinary free period. But one time in the 6th grade, one teacher tried to do it differently. He (or she, I can’t remember now) started playing a game of Bingo with the whole class. This is the bingo where people say numbers consecutively but if it’s a multiple of 7 you’re supposed to say “Bingo!!” or else you’re out. Naturally there was chaos but as people started getting eliminated, the game became more organised… and competitive. This was at the height of the boy-girl rivalry in class and it naturally spilt onto the game as well. I was one of the class nerds and Maths was totally my thing so the final came down to me vs some girl. By this point the noise in the class was at a fever pitch and the poor NIE teacher was left shrunken in one corner. Never have I ever heard such loud cheering for something math related. I remember chants of “Go Nerd Go!!” and naturally I choked and came in second. Though in the end I guess we all ended up losers as the school Hitler walked in and absolutely blew her lid off.

7th Grade : The Fire Drill that Backfired on the Teacher

A year on and while there were more NIE shenanigans to follow that wasn’t the weirdest thing to happen this year. We had a new teacher for chemistry and we weren’t the most well behaved class so the poor woman would struggle with us week in week out. But generally it was still within acceptable noise levels so we used to coexist. Until one day we had a fire drill. How it works in our school is that in case of a fire they ring 5 sharp bells instead of the usual one to signal the end of  a period. So while the one bell itself was a welcome event, we all knew it would be pandemonium when they went of 5 in a row. And of course it happened in chemistry class. I guess she expected it and she was out like a rocket from class. And we filed out as well. The drill went fine, this isn’t that kind of story. So it turns out the teacher had a small notebook where she would write stuff and teach from. It was left on the desk during the drill and by the time we came back to class, it was empty. Yep someone had erased all of the poor woman’s notes and we still don’t know who. Again the establishment came down hard and we seemed to come out on the losing end here too, but seriously, what even was going on there? 😀

8th Grade : The Year of the Flying Bag

This year was the start of some *ahem* awkward stories, let’s say. But that’s not what I want to talk about. This was the year when we would irritate each other by passing around each other’s stuff. Piss off your neighbour and turn your back and suddenly you’re notebook or pencil pouch is all the way at the back of the class. This all came to head when one fine day, we saw a whole school bag flying from the back all the way up front. Yep you heard that right. Imagine you’re sitting there and all of a sudden it’s not a bird, not a plane, a damn school bag. The story goes like initially a box was passed, followed by the flinging of a notebook I think. And then of course the logical next step is to hurl the whole bag. Anyone would have done that. What? Why are you looking like that. Ask her not me. :p

9th Grade : The Best Diary Note Ever

As I’ve mentioned before I was a pretty good student so I could get away with a whole bunch of nonsense that I did. But that came to an end in the 9th grade when one of my teachers decided to take my case for “Unparlimentary Language.” If you know me, you’d know I’m a loudmouth and I’m pretty sure you’re imagining I said something mental but I really didn’t. All I did was “Dude”. Try as I might, there was literally no way I could convince my parents of this. It was so funny, my mom was probably imagining that I said something unspeakable and by this point I was thinking that of all things to get a note for, atleast it could have been funnier. The only thing I can say here is atleast in this case I wasn’t the nutter, it was literally her fault.

I just read that back and seems like I really need a break. And if I’m not wrong food’s up now. Check back later for more 🙂

Cheers 😀


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