Welcome to the Jungle

July 21st 2014

I first caught sight of it from almost half a kilometre away. I’ve never been one to be overly attached to home but it was a bit intimidating to see this, a new home. Tales heard from other survivors (read: seniors), about giant rats and food that occasionally included a stray lizard or fly, came to mind and didn’t really help. But this was just a cursory visit. There was still 10 days of freedom to go.

August 1st 2014

Contact made. Contrary to what many say I don’t think it’s the mess that is going to kill me, I’m pretty sure it’s the bathroom. I’ve seen everything from flying yellow lizards to giant hairy spiders. In the jungle mother nature reigns supreme. Just more things to get used to, you live in the jungle, you play by it’s rules. Everyone else here seems a bit tentative as well, it’s like no one knows what to expect. We all had a meet in the corridor, introductions and the like. Mostly united by common enemies (read: block timings and wardens), a bond is formed.


August 15th 2014

It’s ironic. I think I’m totally used to life here now. It’s really (worryingly :p) starting to feel like another home. Problems tend to go away, only to be replaced by others. We’re starting to develop a real indomitable attitude towards them ( a la Asterix and Obelix). Bathroom and homesickness replaced by quizzes and how to do laundry, we just run through it, or shrug it off to be dealt with another time. Note how “I” has become “we”. It all makes sense now, when Simba ran away and met Timon and Pumba, they ended up the best of friends. Alone and out in the wild for the first time, Simba made friends with the happy-go-lucky duo that ended up shaping him and helping him cope and then thrive out in the wild. Even their motto, hakuna matata is perfect. It means No worries, for the rest of your days ( Give me five big ones if you sang that last sentence ^_^/ ). The mess food is starting to get repetitive, starting to explore other places to eat. Burger places and fast food joints lie tantalisingly close.


November 15th 2014

We’re really in a jam this time. Fests and trips have come and gone, we beat everything in our way, hanging together in tight spots and leaning on shoulders. But there is one mountain in the horizon that looms tall and ominous. End sems are coming 😦 Allies and friends can only help one so far, it’s each one for himself. But there’s still time, one last hurrah, off to the big city for some nourishment and entertainment. Mess has gone to hell. Attendance is at an all time low. We just about manage to keep what slop they give down. Nearby eateries are all expended. Wallets thin and all possible combinations of dishes consumed. It’s time to buckle down for the long hard slog


December 4th 2014

Relief for some. Euphoria for others. Summing up the atmosphere in the block tonight. Buoyed by the end of the semester, (further augmented by that sparkly liquid if that’s your thing :p) the party is on. Best laid plans are in full flow. We survived the semester. Now onwards home for some much needed recuperation before the whole drill begins again. But none of that negativity here, today we came through and nothing else matters.


Today 11:15 pm

Back again, now with three semesters in the bag. Now all the best practises are set and we are the veterans. Living in the jungle, Mowgli had become an animal. New friends, pranks, or even a spectacularly irritating assignment, there’s always something going on to break the monotony. We’re always learning new things like how to manage money or how to clean a pair of jeans.

At the risk of sounding too kumbaya, this little slice of hell has become a home away from home.



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